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Child Care Checklist for Babies

A care giver’s role is pivotal in shaping the early experiences that contribute to a child’s growth and development. But for any type of caregiver, they should be able to answer “yes” to these questions in order to provide quality care. You can learn more about high-quality child care for your baby here.

grandparents play an important role


Child Care Checklist

  • Will your baby be cared for by the same person most of the time?

  • Is there at least one adult caregiver for every five babies?

  • Do the babies seem happy and well cared for?

  • Is the place clean and safe?

  • Is the place for changing diapers away from the places for napping and eating?

  • Does the caregiver always wash their hands before making food and after changing diapers?

  • Does the caregiver follow all state rules to prevent the spread of infections?

  • Will the caregiver always put your baby to sleep on their back in a safe crib?

  • Will they hold your baby during feeding?

  • Are you sure the caregiver will never hit or shake your baby?

  • Will they hug, rock, cuddle and talk and sing to your baby?

  • Are they trained or experienced in baby care?

  • Is the caregiver trained in first aid and CPR?

  • If your baby will be at the caregiver’s home, is it childproof and smoke-free?

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